irishmencallBeing a really popular clan (actually I would say probably the best clan there is on WOT – but I might be a little biased) we reached the maximum number of members allowed under one clan tag (Celts) some time ago.  Because of this, and to accommodate others wanting to join the clan, we started a second brigade under the Celtz clan tag.  Please be advised that currently we are only accepting applications for the second brigade. (Celtz clan tag)

As with all World of Tanks™ clans, enlisting in the clan – be it via the Celts or the Celtz – is done either through invitation or application.  Doing either however can be a little complex.  So directly below we have listed the easiest ways to apply or to get an invite.

(Please note that the application or invitation system was determined by the way that World of Tanks™ has it set up and not by us.  But we will do all we can to make it easy for you.)

To apply for membership:  (And this really is the easiest and quickest way in.)

  1.  Open the World of Tanks™ Console website by clicking here or going to https://console.worldoftanks.com/
  2. Log on using your Microsoft Live log in details (email and password used for playing Xbox)
  3. Click on the ‘CLANS’ tab and then on ‘Find Clan’ in the drop down menu.
  4. In the search box on the new page type in either CELTS or CELTZ (please note that currently we are only accepting applications to join the CELTZ brigade.
  5. Depending on what you typed in to the search box – under ‘Search Results’ you will then either see The Fighting Irish – Wolf Pack ‘CELTZ’ or The Fighting Irish CELTS
  6. Click on that search result.
  7. On the new page which opens up (That brigade’s Clan Page) Click on the REQUEST TO JOIN button.

We will then receive your application and will process it as quickly as we can.

If you are successful, as soon as you are accepted the Clan tag will automatically be assigned to your Gamer tag when playing tanks.

To request an invitation: (Which takes a little longer and comes via email)

Either: (Slightly slower method)  Add one of the two Commander in Chiefs as friends.

These being ‘Starcelt‘ (Who is the over-all Commander in Chief and CnC of the 1st Brigade – the Celts) and ‘DadKevin‘ (who is the CnC of the 2nd Brigade – the Celtz) and message them.

Or: (Much slower method) Fill in the contact details below


But before you do , and just so there are no misunderstandings later, why not check out our Code of Conduct page first.