Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct has been drawn up in respect of the ‘CELTS’ clan on ‘World of Tanks’ and is applicable to all clan members. Therefore, all those wishing to join the clan should be made aware of and subsequently agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and the Wargaming™ Terms of Service for the duration of their clan membership.

1. Clan Membership.
The ‘CELTS’ clan is open to members of various ages and of various skill levels and is at the discretion of the clan’s ‘Commander in Chief’. Therefore, no specific minimum or maximum requirement in respect of age or skill level has been set.
Likewise, clan membership is not specific to any particular gaming access route – console or pc.  Clan membership follows an access route which is represented in our rank system as detailed in 6. below.

2. Clan & Game Participation.
Likewise, we understand that other priorities in life often have to come first and therefore have set no minimum requirement in respect of the amount of time spent on the game. Clan members are however encouraged to participate in clan training and social activities both in the game and by joining our clan Facebook group. (Search CELTS – The Fighting Irish). Clan members are also encouraged to keep in touch with other members via the same group.

3. Fairness & Sportsmanship.
a. The ‘CELTS’ clan stands for fairness and sportsmanship at all times. Clan members are not therefore permitted to deliberately undertake any form of cheating or glitching.
b. Likewise – in the same attitude of fairness – clan members agree not to send derogatory or offensive messages to other players. No matter what the motivation to do so may be.
c. In the same way, clan members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, or sexual orientation or their rank within the clan.

4. Clan Loyalty.
One of the main objectives of the ‘CELTS’ clan is to provide a safe, friendly and fun environment of mutual respect for all its members. To this end…
a. Clan members are expected to show loyalty both to the clan and to their fellow clan members and agree not to make derogatory remarks concerning either.
b. Clan members are encouraged to represent the clan a good light and to encourage other suitable players to join the clan as and where they feel it appropriate.
c. Clan members will not actively use the clan for recruitment to other clans.
d. Clan members are expected to watch out for the welfare of their fellow members – especially minors.
e. Clan members are very strongly discouraged from sharing their account passwords with other clan members. Please note that: Whilst we understand that from time to time in game ‘Ops’ may occur for which you can not personally participate due to other commitments, and thus you might want someone else to use your account in order to complete that ‘op’.  This is something which we as a clan very strongly caution against!  And we caution against it in the interest of privacy, security, good practice and harmony within the clan.  Let there be no misunderstanding here.  Experience has taught us that when such practices take place, if something then later happens to the original player’s account, the finger of blame – whether intentionally or unintentionally, justly or unjustly – often gets pointed at the person who agreed to step in.  This causes discord and friction within the clan and will not be accepted.

5. Language & Communication.
In line with 2 & 3 above, clan members will be mindful of the needs and sensitivities of fellow clan members (and of other game players) in the way in which they communicate with each other. In so doing they will therefore keep all offensive language to a minimum and agree not to make sexist, racist or offensive comments.

6. Chain of Command.
In order to provide a good level of support and an active environment of comradery and competition the ‘CELTS’ clan is currently split into two companies of equal standing. These being ‘Alpha’ company and ‘Bravo’ company. Membership in either company does not denote any superiority or indeed any inferiority and is simply down to balance of numbers.

If and when necessary, in order to facilitate ease of communication and good clan management, ranks will be assigned according to normal military standards and will be (in increasing rank) as follows:

Private, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer.
Chief Warrant Officer, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major,
Lieutenant Colonel, Major General, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, General of Army (Commander in Chief).

Rank assignments within the clan are different to the limited structure set up by™ and thus are not reflected within the™ WOT Companion or on the™ WOT site.

Rank assignment in terms of designation, promotion and/or demotion are not specific to skill levels but are considered on the merits of such things as: sportsmanship, participation/activity levels, behaviour/conduct, maturity of attitude, team-working skills, recruitment and leadership skills. And are assigned at the discretion of the Company Commanders and/or the Commander in Chief.

All new members joining the group will considered a ‘recruit’ for a probationary period of time – which we refer to as ‘Boot Camp’ – until such time that they are assigned full membership and given a rank.

(The rank of ‘Chaplain’ within the clan is normally equal to that of Major, but due to the nature of his or her role this rank is automatically increased to be equal to the member he or she is talking to when dealing with sensitive clan matters.)

7. Complaints and Concerns.
All complaints or concerns in respect of the clan and/or its members should be dealt with in an attitude of mutual respect and sensitivity. Members who have any concerns should deal with said concerns discretely and sensitively by sharing those concerns with their company commander and/or the clan’s Commander in Chief.

8. Solicitation.
Clan membership must not be used for selling, trading, or soliciting any products using the CELTS clan as a middle man.

9. Membership Acceptance and Removal.
As stated in 1 above, the ‘CELTS’ clan is open to members of various ages and of various skill levels and is at the discretion of the clan’s ‘Commander in Chief’. Therefore, the acceptance or removal of any clan member – whilst being in consultation with other members – remains at his or her sole discretion.

10. Affiliated Clans.
In the spirit of sportsmanship, the ‘CELTS’ clan may – at the discretion of the Commander in Chief – affiliations with other clans. One such example being with the ‘CELTZ’ clan. Where this is the case all expectations and courtesies prescribed within this Code of Conduct will be shown and assigned to members of that clan.

11. Updates and Amendments.
Updates and amendments to this Code of Conduct which from time to time may prove necessary or desirable will always be made in consultation with the Clan’s Commander in Chief, Company Commanders and other members as felt appropriate or necessary and will be posted on the Clan’s Facebook group page.


Updated & Posted: September 11th, 2016