Celts & Celtz

In the course of battle many ‘Celts’ have come across players with the ‘Celtz’ clan tag in front of their name, and have understandably wondered whether there is an affiliation between the two clans.  And indeed there is a very strong affiliation between them.

The history of this strong affiliation between the two clans is that Starcelt – Commander in Chief of the ‘Celts’, and DadKevin – Commander in Chief of what is now known as the ‘Celtz’ started clans around the same.  Having then met and formed a bond Starcelt and DadKevin discussed the possibilities of joining up together.

Long story short, it was decided that DadKevin’s clan would become ‘Celtz’ – The Fighting Irish Wolf Pack and be a part of (and a brother clan to) ‘Celts’ – The Fighting Irish.

In this way, despite the 100 members limitation placed on each clan, once the ‘Celts’ had reached that 100 members figure any new players wishing to be a Celt could still be one by join the ‘Wolf Pack’ and  fighting under the ‘Celtz’ clan tag.

So, as far as we are concerned,  whether you fight under the ‘Celts’ clan tag or the ‘Celtz’ clan tag the fact is that you are a ‘Celt’ and part of the same larger clan.

And as a Celt you get the same access to our team training events, competitions, platoons, Facebook Group Page and Website.

Likewise, our Code of Conduct and chain of command applies to everyone who is a Celt no matter which of the two Clan tags they battle under.  Regardless of which of the two Clan Tags you battle under you are ‘brothers in arms’!

And in the same way our companies (Currently Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies)  are made up of both Celts and Celtz alike.

And here’s the most important thing to remember.  Whether you are part of this clan fighting under the ‘Celts’ clan tag or the ‘Celtz’ clan tag, you are part of one of the best clans, if not the best clan, on World of Tanks™!