The Clan Connection – Chapter Seven – And The Celts Lads’ Contribution Had Indeed Been Noted.

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The chat party was filling up as some of the Celts lads joined up to form a platoon and pretty soon the platoon was ready and featured a pretty formidable line up of Gamer Tags.

[CELTS] SpiritousSun232, [CELTS] BlueScorpion69, [CELTS] gstar snake, [CELTS] Darth Kenjie, [CELTS] APELN, the list read.

They chatted as they waited in a battle queue for the map to be selected and the battle to commence.

Redshire – Standard Battle the notification screen advised them moments before spawning them in.

Moments later they were on the map and waiting as the clocked ticked down to start the battle.  BlueScorpion clicked the back button on his controller and surveyed the enemy team listing.

“They have nine tier ten tanks compared to our eight tier tens.”  He thought.  “We both have two tier nines, and we have four tier eights to their two tier eights. They have two tier sevens and we have one.  I guess we have had worse matchmaking in the past.”  And he was right,  for the game’s match making was something nearly every player complained about.

Bluescorpian wasn’t the only one reviewing the team listings.  Apeln was also checking them out and seeing what tank types and heavy hitters the enemy team had.  “That tier nine Waffenträger auf Pz. IV is one to watch out for and could be using an auto-loader.”  He thought.  And the fact that the major differences in tank types between the two teams would be problematic to his team, had not gone unnoticed by him.

Nor had the difference in tank types on the two teams and the fact that the enemy team had some six light tanks to their one  gone unnoticed by Darth Kenjie who was playing his beloved American T92 HMC Artillery (well technically it is a self-propelled gun.)

It’s an excellent artillery unit and had been nick-named the ‘Nuke-Canon’ as a result of the level of damage that it’s 240mm Howitzer was capable of inflicting.  But if those light tanks got through he would be in a world of trouble.

One of the things about playing artillery, that other players who don’t play artillery seldom consider, is just what an asset and how effective artillery can be in a battle.  Or how that effectiveness is hugely reduced if it is having to keep dashing for cover as a result of being detected. Or to spend it’s time trying to hit a light tank that the rest of the team have let through.  And let’s be real here, in terms of artillery being an asset, well a destroyed artillery unit is useless to anyone no matter how big a gun it has on it.

The louder clicking of the clock ending it’s countdown pulled his attention back to the map and as soon as the battle started he started to manoeuvre his unit to a position affording him a good firing range with reasonable amount of cover from the enemy – especially those darned light tanks.

The battle that followed was hard fought and sadly Darth Kenkie’s worst fears were realised as pretty soon he was in a lot of trouble and in fact didn’t get a chance to contribute as much as he would have liked to, or as much as he usually does.  The frustration that caused him was evident.

As for the other clan members in the platoon BlueScorpian in his E 100 and Apeln in his IS-7 both performed admirably.  Both caused damage to enemy tanks and whilst Apeln managed to chalk up a kill, BlueScorpian did the most damage even without managing to bag a kill.

Gstar was in the teams other E 100 and bagged himself three kills whilst chalking up some 5,748 damage to the enemy tanks.  But it was Jes (SpiritousSun) rolling out in his good old French B-C 25t (Bat.-Châtillon 25 t) medium tank who ended up top of the leader board with a result profile that listed some five detections, eighteen penetrations causing three kills and an impressive 6,669 damages, and 3,785 assisted damages.

In fact, almost half of the enemy team were taken out by the platoon of Celt players.  Which, when you factor in the fact that an Object 430 on their team managed to bag himself some 7 kills, demonstrates just what an impact the Celts platoon had had on the game.  A fact which the lads celebrated after the battle whilst also being sensitive to the fact that Darth Kenjie had not had much luck in the game.

There were no two ways about it.  The lads worked very well as a platoon and, since that particular battle consisted of some six platoons in total two on their team and a total of four on the enemy team, that could make all the difference to the outcome of a conflict.

But the time for analysing battles – for those involved in them at least – comes after the battles are over and before the next one begins. And the truth is that for a lot of players most battles are pretty much forgotten the minute they return to the garage.  Such activities as analysing battles, checking out stats and analysing performances belong in the realm of the more serious and more competitive gamer.  And yet, not only the more serious gamer, had the lads but known it.

For that particular battle, their stats and indeed their performances – both individually and as a platoon – were indeed being analysed. And the Celts lads’ contribution had indeed been noted.










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