The Clan Connection – Chapter Two – Evil Now Needs No Flag To Fight Under!

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In truth, the fact that Liam and Nicola had sat watching such a News Report earlier that evening was not surprising. Certainly not as surprising as it would have been and indeed as it had been some seven years ago when such reports first started appearing in our media.  For such reports had now become an almost daily occurrence.

Nor was it surprising that Jes and his wife – who lived some 1,890 or so miles away in Denmark – had sat watching a similar report about the same event.  For what seemed to have begun (all those seven years or so ago) as localised momentary breakouts of tank-based conflicts were now regular and frequent episodes of tank-based conflicts happening the world over.  And thus, nor was it surprising that their numbers and frequency had caught the attention of the world’s media.

What was surprising however, was the fact that for all of these episodes, episodes which – due to their frequency, number and certain core characteristics just had to be somehow linked –  no one body, no faith-based sect, no militant group, nor rogue nation had ever claimed responsibility for them.

Evil, it seemed, no longer needed a figure-head or a flag to fight under.  Neither did it appear to need a cause on which to pin it’s reasoning or alleged purpose.

But then that, I would suggest, is the ‘junk food’ nature of the evolution of evil. Where instead of having a regular natural diet of goodness – with the occasional desire for something unhealthy, we have now feasted on such desires so much and/or so often that we have re-educated our moral palates to a point where goodness is the rarity fast becoming almost uncommon.

What may also appear surprising to many, is the fact that no one entity, no one police force, or army or nation had seemed to come forward in order to fight such evil.  But then, since there was no tangible identity to this evil, no identifiable cause behind this evil, indeed no identifiable geographical base or centre from which such evil seemed to be being controlled and against which you can claim to fight, who indeed is responsible for putting up that fight against it?

And besides, these episodes were, as I have already mentioned, global and in the main fought out in more remote places, and the eyes and in many cases the focus of the world’s media was far more preoccupied with local violence and terrorism based conflicts.

Something else – albeit on a far minor a scale – which was not surprising, was Sully’s mobile phone springing into life with a notification of a message being received from Liam telling him (Sully) that Liam was going online and asking him if he was ‘up for a few games?’

Sully was a close buddy of Liam’s.  Close not only in proximity – their both living in the same area of Belfast, Northern Ireland but also close in relationship terms.  They had been friends for years and shared many an experience and indeed many opinions and beliefs and interests.

“Sure, be right on. Five minutes.”  Was the simple reply sent by Sully in return.  It was a reply which led Liam to get himself settled for a few games of ‘Tanks’ on his Xbox One.

“I’ll pop a quick message on our Facebook page and see who else is on.”  Liam messaged back, referring to the ‘Celts’ Facebook group page.

The ‘Celts’ – or the Fighting Irish,  as they were more commonly known – is a clan set up by Liam (in which Sully is it’s Executive Officer) over a year ago now.  It’s a clan which has grown and grown and which has a great deal going for it,  The message that Liam was going to put up on it’s Facebook page was to invite other clan members to join them for a few games and to form a platoon so they could go and kick some virtual butts together.

Getting everything sorted – for Liam is the kind of player who prefers to have everything he needs (cuppa to hand, room quiet, lights down low, limited distractions etc) in just the right order for a session of tanks – Liam clicked his Xbox One into life.


Moments later both he and Jess were in a party chat, logging into World of Tanks™ and getting a platoon organised.

‘What about ye Sully?”  Liam called out through his headset mic as the notification appeared on screen that Sully had joined their party.

“Hey Liam, Hey Jes.  Did you see the news about the recent tank battle?”  Sully responded.

“Yes, I had just come back from a fishing trip.”  Jes told them.

“Yeah, Nicola and I watched it too.”  Liam answered. “They are happening more and more now.  The world’s going mad I tell ye.”  He laughed just as Jes and Sully did also.

“But right now we are fixing to have a tank battle of our own, Albeit just a virtual one.”  Liam added.  “East Server bud.”

It wasn’t that they weren’t interested in what had happened, or were making light of it. But unlike their games they were about to have on World of Tanks™, with these tanks battles cropping up all over the globe,  it seemed there was little they (or anyone else for that matter)  could actually do.


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