The Clan Connection – Chapter One – ‘No sense!’

Well, I thought I would do something different for a change. I thought – since I enjoy writing – that I would write a serialised story.  And I am calling it “The Clan Connection.”

Every now and then I will post another chapter. And here – for those who might be interested – is the first chapter.


Chapter One – No sense!

We count. Don’t we?  Yes. There is no doubt about it. We count.

To count is, after all, part of human nature and indeed also part of human aspirations.

We count the minutes in the hours, the hours in the days, the days in the weeks, the weeks in the months, the months in the years and the years in… Well the years in between important events. Events which sometimes we celebrate – wedding anniversaries and birthdays and the such – and sometimes, we mourn or look back at and remember.

Remembering those who are no longer with us perhaps. Those who can no longer count and yet those who – by the very act of our counting the days and years in order to remember them and their contribution  – we prove, do count.  Do count in such a totally different and yet oh so important a way.

9b046ea51751affe.Remembrance-DayYes, to count is part of the natural order.  After all, next year is 2018 and sees the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war.  And you can be assured that as part of that counting, part of that natural order, many nations, many folk, from many nations will remember and weep for those who were lost in service to their country.

And yet perhaps today – if we were but to realise – it should be that ‘natural order’ itself whose loss we should be weeping for.  As traditional values and indeed even long established alliances seem to have been discarded in the pursuit of self and the venting of vitriolic anger borrowed and misappropriated for personal purposes.

Let’s be honest here. Isn’t that what we are seeing through such things as rioting, terrorism and Isis?  Where nowadays allegiances are formed not necessarily by place of birth by country, but by the place of bitterness by heart.  Where confusion shrouds reason as much as it fills the minds of those witnessing such terrible events.

And certainly it was confusion that was at the centre of the thoughts and questions of Liam and Nicola as they sat watching the news unfold before them through the BBC News reports playing out on the television screen.  Questions which – much like the Chinese take away they were sharing – would wait until the news reporter would utter those words which we all have become all too familiar with.  “And we will bring you more on the fighting as and when we have it.”

“What the feck was that all about?”   Nicola was the first to speak.

“Fecked if I know.” Liam answered her honestly.  “I can’t make any sense of it.”  They glanced at each other for a moment.

“Well you know more about tanks and things than I do.”  Nicola told him. “Sure you play that game with your mates enough.  Surely you have some idea.”

Oddly it was a conversation not dissimilar to one which Jes and his wife were having some 1,289 or so miles away.

“It just doesn’t make any sense.”  Liam told her.  “Sure, I know somethings about warfare and tanks and such, but you saw the pictures and videos they were showing.  There wasn’t any obvious logic to it all.  German tanks were firing on Germans, English firing on English, Japs firing on Japs, French firing on French.  Heck it didn’t seem to matter what flag was painted on the side of the tanks, they were all firing at each other.”


“Well yeah, but there did seem to be some sort of sides.” Nicola volunteered.  “Do you think it is Isis or some other terrorist group?

“No idea.” Liam told her.  “And judging from what they are saying, no fecker seems to know.  No point asking me, I just can’t get any sense out it.”

“Which is exactly what I say to Leon when he asks if you are ok, when you are playing that game of yours, sometimes.”  Nicola commented returning her attention to her Chinese takeaway.  “No point asking me, I can’t get any sense out it.”


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