Brothers in Arms – A rally cry!

medalBrothersInArmsI wonder what your favourite medal is, and why that particular medal?  (Feel free to comment below and answer that question as I really am curious to know.)

One of my favourites – and yes I have a number of them – is the Brothers in Arms medal.

As you are no doubt aware this medal is awarded to platoon members where each member of that platoon has destroyed at least three enemy vehicles and have survived that battle.

So being awarded such a medal is no small achievement, especially in larger platoons. Let’s face it, in a five member platoon this means that platoon destroying the entire enemy team in a 15 vehicle aside battle.

And certainly, some folk will – I think – choose their favourite medal according to the level of difficult involved in achieving it.

But for others, perhaps, it’s because of the medal’s rarity, whilst others simply choose because of the look or design of the medal.

But for me personally, this particular medal, whilst being aesthetically pleasing in a design sense, carries a deeper significance.  One which is in fact demonstrated by it’s name.  It is one of my favourites simply because earning it does require comradery (or camaraderie if you prefer that spelling).  To be brothers ( or sisters – employing my gender-equality mindfulness)

Whilst the origin of the phrase itself it somewhat difficult to pin down, an educated and perfectly valid observation would be to reference Shakespeare’s  – Henry V’s St. Crispin Day Speech…

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,….”

It is a speech delivered in response to the observation that they a tired army faced a fight where they were outnumbered 5-1 and against a fresh and heavily trained army.  It is a rally cry if you will.  One which says “Let’s get out there despite the odds against us, and do so with pride.”

And shouldn’t not only being a part of a platoon but indeed being part of a clan mean all those things too?  Togetherness, Comradery, Pride.

Over the past few weeks in our Facebook page I have seen a number of screen shots posted in which the CELTS clan has been represented and shone above the others in battles.  Screenshots where both the victories and the CELTS name are displayed with pride.  And I say, “Good on you guys!  Come on the Fighting Irish!”  Good on you for shinning above the rest, good on you for sharing those victories and good on you for having pride in the CELTS name!

And yet, sadly, there is another side to it all.  Because also over the past many weeks I have seen somewhat poor attendance at training events and tournaments and also folk wanting to platoon up and not being able to, for whatever reason.  And yes I really do fully understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean that being part of the clan isn’t important to everyone and that many of us face lots of other demands on our time.

But being part of the clan is important and each and every member of the clan is important and I so want for each and everyone of you to know that.  And I have absolute confidence in saying that our C in C – Starcelt also believes that each and every member is important.

So I want to lay down an encouragement and a challenge to each and every member of this clan – including myself.  Let’s make this clan better than any other clan out there. Not better because we win more battles or get better stats than anyone else – which are both of course also good objectives to have.

But better because we are there for one another.  Better because whenever we come online we always have a clan mate we can play alongside, a clan mate we can ask questions, a clan mate we can learn new skills and/or game play techniques from or teach them too.  Better because the training events and tournaments are well attended and great ‘craic’. Better because each and every one of us feels we have something to contribute and are welcome to do so.

Better because we – each and every one of us – truly feel a very real part of this clan – this family – this band of brothers!







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