In New Company!

“What makes being part of a Clan such a good thing?”

It’s a question that I was once asked by someone when we were discussing the planned introduction of the clan system on World of Tanks.

“Camaraderie, for one thing.”  I answered.  “Having a specific set of buddies you can regularly play with, learn from, teach new tricks to, support, be supported by, develop and improve your game understanding and game skills with. Have good banter and fun with. All those things.”

And I truly meant it.

A clan should be family.  “Brothers in Arms” At the risk of being too cliché.

And the fact is that now, some many months after that conversation I still feel the same way.  And, not only do I still feel the same way, I feel even more convinced of these things.

Clans are a good thing and this clan – good old ‘CELTS – The Fighting Irish’ and our sister clan ‘CELTZ – The Fighting Irish Wolf Pack’  are, I truly believe, among the best of them and so very important to me.

So, as I am sure you will understand, I have been absolutely delighted to see the clan slowly grow and grow since it’s beginning.  And I was just as absolutely delighted to have learned from Starcelt (our illustrious Commander in Chief) that members of the UWS – United We Stand clan would be merging with and becoming part of us in order to form a new Celts company – Charlie Company.

In many ways I like to think of this new company in the same way that I think of the Captured KV1 – well not the captured part of course – but hopefully you will understand where I am coming from.

The ‘Captured KV1’ began life as a Russian KV1 which was captured by Germany and very much improved.  Something which I think anyone who has come up against one in a slugfest within a battle will agree with.

For you tank history buffs out there, development on the Captured KV1 was started at the end of 1938. A prototype was produced in August 1939. It first saw action in December 1939 at the Mannerheim Line. The vehicle was mass-produced from March 1940 through August 1942, with a total of 2769 manufactured.

Whilst our buddies who were previously part of UWS were by no means ‘captured’ and in fact joined us willingly, I have absolutely no doubt that they will help the Clan to improve and to get even better.  Hopefully not only by bringing their game skills to play but also by being a part of and increasing that camaraderie that I spoke of earlier.  Something which we hope – by by forming the new Charlie Company – they can not only retain from their previous clan but also gain from being a much welcomed part of the Celts.

CELTS is a clan where mutual respect and mutual support are key factors and, I believe that, you only have to read our Code of Conduct to see that.   So it seemed only right that I writer a short post to mark their joining us and to welcome them into the clan!

Guys (and gals), I hope that you will find this your new home to be a fun, safe and secure place to be for all, a good fit, and extremely welcoming!

As Clan Chaplain, (a role which is intended to offer and provide support to anyone who needs it) I personally look forward to meeting and getting to know you all over the forthcoming weeks.



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