Why I Couldn’t Control My Rear End!


Ever had problems with your rear end?  Ever found that it just wouldn’t go the way you wanted it to?

No this is not a medical help hotline and no you haven’t signed onto the wrong blog.  And yes this is – I can assure you – a WOT™ related issue. Albeit seemingly specific to the Xbox One.

About a week ago now my daughter Janey bought me an XBox One.  Don’t worry it wasn’t my birthday or anything – you don’t all have to run out and buy me flowers 🙂  She just loves her dad (I know – hard to believe if you have met me) and wanted me to have the Xbox One.

So I set it all up, downloaded my profile, downloaded and installed World of Tanks and started playing.  Man what a difference!!!  And I have to admit it is taking me some time to get used to the difference. Even though I do think it is so much better!

The graphics are far superior and it comes with a lot of extra features – one of which you might not all know about – and since it does directly effect your rear end during game play – I thought I would tell you about it.

It is a little feature on the first screen of Options menu in the Game which is called “Inverted Reverse”


Basically by having this option (which is indicated within the red ellipse in above image) checked, it (according to WOT™) makes the tank operate as real-life tank would operate.

Now, for those of us who have never driven a real-life tank, we will just have take their word for it.

But basically it does exactly what it says.  It inverts (or reverses) your reverse.  Which means that if you want to reverse to the right then you reverse to the left on your joystick and if you want to reverse to the left then you reverse to the right on your joystick.

Now trust me this can be sooooo confusing and soooo frustrating.  Especially if it is happening whilst you are being shot at and you are trying to reverse into cover and therefore end up reversing into even more open space and so consequently get destroyed!!!

And if you have just got a new Xbox One you can be forgiven for thinking it is simply part of the game on that console and thus you need to just get used to it.

But fortunately you don’t!  Simply do the following.

Go to the ‘Options’ menu in the game and when in the garage.

One the first screen ‘CONTROLS’ un-check (or deselect) the ‘Invert Reverse’ option and your tanks (when reversing) will now respond the same way as they did on the 360.

I hope this helps and that if, like me, you were having problems controlling your rear end when reversing, you are now able to take back control 🙂



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