Well, I haven’t written a post for a while – pressures of other commitments – sorry guys.  So I thought that I would write one which is essential to the success of the clan and which I really hope you will all read and consider.

Yesterday evening saw another of our Team Training sessions and it was really great to see all our clan members who did turn up.  But I have to admit that this was tinged with a little disappointment at the number of clan members who didn’t.

Now trust me, I understand – and I know Starcelt also understands – that the demands of life outside or World of Tanks™ often get in the way.  And like Starcelt I also understand the issues created by the different time zones. But it really would be great if we could see even more clan members turn up to these training sessions.

Team Training really can be beneficial in so many different ways – even though yes it does cost silver to participate in.  So I thought I would share just a few ways in which it can benefit us all not only as individual tankers but also as clan members and thus the clan itself.


As someone who often platoons up with fellow clan members, I find it really beneficial to get to know the ‘play styles‘ of fellow clan members. In the middle of actual battles, and between the dodging incoming shells, dodgy team mate driving and trying to cause damage and destroy enemy tanks, we very often don’t have time to get to know how our platoon mates play.  Which not only means that we are not as effective as we could be as a platoon but that we also get to know who will have our back in a tricky situation.  But in a Team Training Session it is far less intense and the ‘comms’ are far clearer and much more relevant as you don’t have the chat from others in the game or in the party that you might be in.  This means that you have more chance to get to know your fellow clan members and their play styles.


The same less intense environment also affords us the chance to explore, suggest, test discuss and develop tactics in respect of platoon structures, game play, tank selection, attack plans,  defense strategies and distraction moves.  All of which can be so beneficial to each of us.  And I can’t begin to tell you that I – as what I would consider to be a fairly mediocre player myself – have already learned so much from the Team Training session in this regard.


Team Training sessions are also and excellent place to show off your individual Game Skills.  And if you don’t feel you have any,. then where better a place to gain or develop them?  And who better to learn them from then your clan mates who have your back and who want you to succeed as a fellow clan member?

Again this is something that I know that I and others have really benefited from through the sessions that we have attended.


And learning and developing new Tank Techniques – those techniques specific to individual tanks is also much easier and much more natural in Team Training Sessions. Picking the same tank and playing alongside a more experienced clan member in a Team Training session can be such a great way of seeing how they handle that tank, how they approach enemy advances, how they handle one-on-one shell fights in that particular tank.

And if you have particular tanks which you feel you play really well, playing them in Team Training sessions not only affords you the chance to show off your techniques and skill in that tank but to help other develop their techniques and skills in that tank.


As clan members the idea is to be – as much as is possible – an active part of that clan and to try to develop and progress within that clan.  So just how you progress – in terms of your rank – within that clan is a very real consideration.

Our Code of Conduct states that: “Rank assignment in terms of designation, promotion and/or demotion are not specific to skill levels but are considered on the merits of such things as: sportsmanship, participation/activity levels, behaviour/conduct, maturity of attitude, team-working skills, recruitment and leadership skills.

Check out that list of the merits on which rank assignments are specific to and ask yourself just how important a part your participating in Team Training session plays in respect of so many of them.


But of course being a part of a clan – especially a clan such as the Celt – the Fighting Irish – is not only about personal progression.  It is also about wanting the clan as a whole to progress.  Just recap for a moment or two on all of the benefits that I have listed so far in respect of participating in Team Training sessions and think how so many of them – by benefiting the individual player – also benefits the clan and thus also actively influence our Clan Progression.

celts-patch-transAnd let’s not forget that Clan Wars are a very real thing and something we as a clan should be getting involved in.

I, for one can  tell you that I although I am not Irish myself I am proud to be a member of ‘Celts – The Fighting Irish. And if we are going to live up to the statement on our clan patch – “You’ll Never Beat The Irish” – we will all need to develop our skills not only as individual players but as team players as well.


15_iconic_posters_05So gang, at the risk of this article sounding like a wartime rallying campaign. There is one last benefit that I want to include – and yes there are many others which I haven’t included thus far.  And that is in respect of ‘Clan Camaraderie’ or (if you prefer and depending on your location in the world) ‘Clan Comradery’.

If you search for the definition of ‘Clan’ online two of the definitions you are likely to come up with are: “a close-knit group of interrelated families,” and “a group of people with a strong common interest.”. And those two definitions – or a merging of them – is what this clan should be “a group of people interrelated by a strong common interest.”

And I can tell you, from many a conversation with our Commander In Chief – Starcelt, that that is exactly what the vision for this clan was and is.

We are a ‘group of people’ a collection of individuals each with our own approaches, backgrounds, experiences, skills, gifts and personalities.  And getting to know each other – by spending time with each other in chat parties, battles and Team Training sessions – and supporting and encouraging each other is essential to this clan being all it can be.

Especially since those personalities – and anyone who knows me and who has witnessed or experienced my weird sarcasm-based humor will know that I include myself in this statement – sometimes takes a while to get to know and to understand and appreciate.

your-clan-needs-youSo how about it Clan?

Why not make a special effort to try and attend the Clan’s Team Training sessions.  Let us gain from your experience and skills and maybe you can gain from our.

let’s all share our knowledge, our skills and yes even our personalities. And let’s make this clan all that it can be.

And let’s support our Commander In Chief!  Who I know will agree with me (sorry about the poster Liam. I just couldn’t resist the temptation) when I say,

“Your clan needs you to attend Team Training!”



One thought on “YOUR CLAN NEEDS YOU!

  1. I couldn’t and I mean this sincerely couldn’t have articulated in such a precise way the desire I have for this clan to progress and the level of interaction I envisioned for this clan from its very inception well done Kevin and yes boys/girls our clan need you very much.


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