GAME PLAY GUIDE – ‘Favorite Filter’


Hey all,

So in this new feature I will – as the name suggests – be posting different ‘Game Play Guides’.

These are handy little tips – which some of you will already know, but some might not yet know – which could make your World of Tanks™ game play a little easier and/or a little quicker.

Now I do not for one minute mean to suggest that I am some sort of gaming wizard!  These are simply things that I have picked up along the way either through basically being extremely inquisitive and experimenting or by reading the forums or are tips which have been submitted by other clan members.

And for the first of these how about a handy tip for making tank selection easier when you are grinding two or more different tanks of differing tiers and even nations?  How about using the ‘Favourite’ filtering feature?

Here are the steps to follow if playing on the Xbox 360.


  1. In the garage click ‘up’ on the D-pad on your controller. [This will open your ‘Filters’ options]
  2. Click on the blue ‘X’ Face Button on your controller in order to enter the ‘Mark Favorites’ ( US Spelling) feature.
  3. Using your ‘Left Stick’ on your controller, select the tank in your tank roll that you wish to grind up. [This should now have an orange rectangle around it.]
  4. Double check you have selected the right tank and press the Green ‘A’ Face Button (Favorite/Unfavorite) on your controller. [This will place a ‘Favorite’ bookmark in the top right hand corner of that tank’s box in your tank roll. As indicated by the top yellow rectangle within the image below.]
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of the tanks you wish to grind up.
  6. Once you placed a ‘Favorite’ bookmark on each of the tanks you want to work on/grind up – Press the Red ‘B’ Face Button on your controller. [This should save those selections.]
  7. Click ‘up’ on the D-Pad on your controller and this should take you up into the filters selection section.
  8. Using your ‘Left’ Stick on your controller, select the ‘Favorites’ filter [As indicated in the red rectangle within the image below. [This should now display only your ‘Favorite’ tanks in your tank roll.
  9. You can now exit the ‘Filters’ option by clicking ‘down’ on the D-pad on your controller.

[To change your selection of tanks you simply ‘Unfavorite’ using the same methodology.]


This is great not only for quick and easy selection of those tanks you want to grind up, but also for where you are doing an op for which a few of your tanks offer your optimum success potential.  You can simply mark those as your ‘Favorites’ and this means as soon as you are killed in one tank in one game, you can immediately return to the garage and quickly select the next tank.

The only thing I would add however, is that – as far as I know – this feature is only available if you have seven or more tanks in your garage collection.

I hope that all helps and you found it useful – if you weren’t already aware of it.  If you have any useful tips please let me know.




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