Pork Pie’s Pick – The T10


For the first of  what will be a regular feature Pork Pie chose the T10 a Russian Tier 9 (IX) explaining that he had originally obtained the tank as he was going for the IS7 (Tier 10).

My first question to him was, “What was the T10 really like?” And Pork Pie’s answer was as clear as you can get. “It’s a really good tank, with a  good gun, good armour, good speed.”  He told me.  “It’s got good everything really. He added.

Now I should perhaps explain that for you to get the full effect of Pork Pie’s offerings you really need to read this post in a broad Belfast accent.  But since I can’t type in  a broad Belfast accent you are just going to have to use your imagination 🙂

“Was it good when it was stock?”  I asked him.  “It was terrible!” He advised me in a very matter of fact manner.  “You couldn’t pen anything.  You only get 175 pen.


“So when did that change?” Was my fairly obvious question. “The minute you get the first package.” He answered simply.  I kind of felt a little dumb for having asked the question.  But let’s be honest here, sometimes you have to get two or three packages in before you get a decent gun. So I consoled myself with that fact,

When it is fully upgraded.” He added enthusiastically. “It is one of the best tier 9 tanks in the game.”  To be honest with you, I have no idea just how true that claim is. But I admired his enthusiasm for the tank.  “Fully upgraded I get 258 pen with normal shells and 340 pen with premium shells.

“It’s a heavy tank isn’t it?” I asked. “Yeah. But it sort of plays like a medium tank with a heavy tank’s armour.  And it is quite fast going uphill so has a good climb rate.

I understood completely (as most tankers would) his comment about it being ‘like a medium tank but with a heavy tanks’s armour‘, especially since he then also told me, “the armour – especially when you ‘sidescrape’ – is really hard to pen and it’s turret shape makes it hard to pen as well.

“So what equipment do you run on it?”  I asked.  “A gun-rammer and a vent.”  He answered. “They give me a shorter reload time and a better crew.

So what is your normal rate of fire?”  I asked him. “5.8 rounds per minute.”  He answered “But quicker with the rammer.

“Is it a money-maker?”  I enquired.  “Sometimes, but not when you fire premium.”  Came the answer.  (I couldn’t help comment to myself about Pork Pie’s tendency to spam premium shells sometimes 🙂 )

It was fairly obvious that Pork Pie really liked this tank and I have to say that his enthusiasm for it is infectious.

“So what tanks do you fear when playing it?”  I asked. (Thinking back to his previous, “It’s one of the best tier 9 tanks in the game.” comment.  “Nothing really.”  He told me.  “The Waffle E100 is about the only tank I fear when I am playing my T10.”  He corrected himself.  “And I use heat shells to pen the Jagdpanzer” He also added.

Mindful that you can get all the stats concerning its rate of fire, armament, engine power and armour (which incidentally Pork Pie advises me is, “very weak in its lower plate and it’s side armour“) I wanted to know more about his game play in the T10.

“So what was your best game in it?”  I  asked him.  “Yesterday.”  He answered enthusiastically. “I got 7,000 damage and 8 kills.

“So you got a Radly-medalradleywaltersWalters Medal in it?”  I asked. (Thinking, ‘Man that would have been the first thing I would have mentioned had it been me.’)  “Yes.”  He answered.

“Was that the game that ‘Flash’ was telling me about, when he said that he had been playing with you on your team and your team was failing miserably but you turned the game around?” I asked.

No.”  He answered plainly. “That game was the day before.  It ended up with just me against five of the enemy team. And we won.  “Oh.” I responded.  “I thought he said you got a Radley-Walters in that game?”   “Yeah.”  Pork Pie answered.  “I got eight kills in that game too so got a Radley-Walters Medal then, as well.

“Tell Kevin about that game.” Starcelt suggested. (He was in  the party when I was interviewing Pork Pie.).

“Yeah right.” I thought to myself as I sat here with only one Radley-Walters medal to my name since I started playing the game. “Tell me about how you got two Radley- Walters medals in two days.” LOL.


We were on Steppes.  It was a Sandstorm game and we were losing really badly.  It ended up being just me against 5 of the enemy.  A T49 (using a derp cannon), a Jagdtiger, an Object 416, a Centurion 7/1, and a Conqueror. Everyone was in game chat saying it was over and we had lost.  But I loaded up heat shells and did for them all.

(For those of you who are not fluent in ‘Belfastese’ “did for them all” means killed/destroyed them all.)

Well all except for the Centurion 7/1.”  He explained. “I had run out of heat shells and he was hold down but I managed to put a normal shell through his turret and we won.

I have to be honest with you here, my prior preoccupation with his having gotten two ‘Radley Walters’ medals in two days subsided as I listened to Pork Pie enthusiastically describe the way in which he had taken out the T49 in that battle.


He (the T49) came flying over a bump and we shot at each other. I hit him whilst he was in mid-air and tracked him and then I rammed him and then blew his turret off by placing a heat shell through his side armour.”

So that was the story of that battle.  And, trust me, if you are a World of Tanks™ gamer – and therefore interested in the subject, there is something raw and special about listening to another tanker’s passion for the game in general or (as in this case) a particular battle and/or a particular tank.   And this is only increased when it is a young player (like Pork Pie) who  can obviously play well.

As a writer, and someone who is passionate about encouraging others – especially the young – to get into writing, I am delighted that Pork Pie is willing to take on doing this regular feature. And I hope you all have enjoyed this piece.  If you have why not let Pork Pie know what you thought about it?  You can either tell him directly or by leaving a comment below.

And at the risk of sounding like an old ‘fuddy duddy’ I want to say again, that it really is great to hear passion and enthusiasm in the young.  Oh and for the record.  when asked to rate the T10 out of 10, Pork Pie’s response was to give it “15 out of 10.”   Such was the  amount he liked and thus rated the tank.  “I think all the clan members should get one and play it.”  He added.

So there you have it gang. The very first one in the regular ‘Pork Pie’s Picks’ feature.  I hope you enjoyed it!







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