The Benefits of Team Training!


Yesterday evening saw the first of our ‘Team Training’ evenings and as someone who participated in it I have to say that I personally found it to be very useful.  It was also a lot of fun at times too. (Oops wasn’t I meant to run an artillery tank in this scenario?)

As is often the way with these things the number of clan members participating in the evening varied at different times throughout the hour or so we spent training. And although there were only a few of us it was certainly a useful exercise and one I would certainly recommend to others!

The first thing that we looked at was the whole subject of ‘Sidescraping’!

‘Sidescraping’ is a term that you often hear bandied around.  But if you are  newbie you don’t always know exactly what these terms mean.  ‘Sidscraping’ is basically angling your tank (and thus your armour) in such a way that it deflects the enemy’s shells – stopping them from being able to cause you any damage.  And it is particularly useful in ‘peek-a-boo’ situations.  Those situations where you place your tank fully or partly behind an obstacle such as a rock or a house and keep peeking out to fire and then withdrawing enough to stop the enemy tank from being able to fire at you. ‘Sidescraping’ or angling your tank in such a way throughout the process so that if the enemy does fire at you the shell ricochets off of you and doesn’t cause any damage.

(And if you would like to know more about ‘Sidescraping’ why not check out this page from the Tank Academy: CLICK HERE )

After taking turns to practice this – within the training rooms so that we have a controlled environment.  We simply did some team on team action playing a few games within the same rooms and maps just to see how different scenarios panned out.

And again I have to say that I found the debrief and short general discussion after each scenario to be particular helpful!

It is our hope that as the clan grows more and more members will participate in the training evening and as they do we can explore more and more scenarios and develop our individual skills whilst benefiting from each other’s experience.  After all isn’t that all part of being in a clan?

And on that note, I want – on behalf of those who participated – to do a shout out to our Commander in Chief – Starcelt in thanks for his organising the evening.  And one on behalf of Starcelt in thanks to all those who participated – for giving of their time an d participating!

Which only leaves me to ask the following question:

“So how about it all? Why not keep an eye out for our next training evening and setting aside some time to participate?”

And of course – if you have any aspects of game play that you would like us to cover – why not leave a comment below and let us know what you would like covered.





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