Is there Any ‘art’ in ‘Art’illery?

German G.W. E 100Is there any ‘art in ‘Art’illery?

So here’s the deal guys and gals.  The title of this post poses a very interesting question.  “Is there any ‘art’ in artillery?”
Now trust me, I have been around long enough to know how a lot of players feel about Artillery.  Let’s be honest here, there are few things that will send such brothers in arms as Warren and our very own Commander in Chief (Starcelt) into fits of rage quicker than their being hit by ‘that damn arty!’ LOL

And yes we all hate Arty at times don’t we?  But do they get a rough deal?  Or are they truly the bane of everyone’s  tanking enjoyment?  After all, isn’t it true that most of us would have experienced at least one time when we have been slugging it out with an enemy tank and would have been killed had it not been for the timely intervention of a well aimed Artillery shell?

And as someone who likes to roll out an Artillery tank every now and then, I do my best to support my platoon or team members by either keeping the enemy back – in scenarios such as death valley – or by damaging or killing tanks which are attacking platoon or team mates. Although I would be the first to admit that just how much of an art my Artillery playing is – at any given time – really is directly dependant on a) the map we are playing and b) how much I have been playing that particular Arty.

But I still can’t help wondering if indeed ‘Arty’ does get an unfair rap when it comes to other players?  So that forms the basis of my questions to you today and I am inviting you to comment and give your opinion. (Just write your opinion in the ‘Leave A Reply’ box below).

What do you think?  Is there any ‘art’ in ‘Art’illery?  Do they serve a positive purpose in the game or should they be scrapped?  Should there be a limit to how many Arty are allowed in  any one game?

Click on the comment button below and let me know what you think!

Oh and by the way, the picture (above right) is of the German G.W. E 100. A tier 10 Artillery tank.

And if you want to see it being played on the Xbox console you can check it out here  – which is taken from Detro D’s YouTube channel – all credits go to him!

(But I would warn you that it is an old video. Be real careful trying to find the secret island since the recent updates!)


4 thoughts on “Is there Any ‘art’ in ‘Art’illery?

  1. Is there Any art in heavy or TD’s ?
    If you think so, then it stands to reason that there is art in arty, too.

    But more importantly I think is, how would the game be without? Heavy armoured tanks or TD’s would reign supreme. With 1 or 2 enemy arties, more caution (and skill) is required not to be blown to smitherines…

    And If this was not the case, what should then be the incentive for players to use light tanks? Spotting heavies and call in arty support, goes hand in hand. With no arty, I suspect fewer people will bother to use light tanks.

    And THAT my friends, would leave all those big,fat,slow arty-magnet heavies and TD’s with far less to shoot at….. And where is the fun in that……

    Oh, and BTW, ~90% of my games, are played as a light tank 🙂 and I wouldnt be with out arty (apart from the times, when that no-skilled-crisp-eating-while-clikking-noob-arty-player, one-shoots me…….)


    • Hey Jes,

      Personally I agree with you. I totally understand the frustration – heck even the mild rage – that being hit or blown up by an arty can cause but I do think the game would suffer without them. That having been said I do think the number of them should be limited per game. Although this would put the Pascucci’s medal at risk if that limitation was limited to below three.


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